Our Story

Founded in 1985 and now a wholly owned subsidiary of Pay.UK, UK Payments has over 30 years’ experience of successfully supporting a key element of the financial services sector – the payments industry.

In the past three decades we have helped support game changing projects to deliver world leading innovation, real-time payments in the UK (Faster Payments), quick and secure card payments (Chip and PIN), a new mobile payments service (Paym), and a more competitive industry (the Current Account Switch Service).

Based in central London, our fully serviced offices are home to most of our clients where we also provide meeting rooms and operational facilities. We deliver both the critical core support services that they expect as well as many of the business critical services that they need. We are proud to deliver services to some of the world’s leading global and regional infrastructure providers. We are a not for profit organisation that puts our clients first. Our team of over 70 dedicated experts are passionate about sharing their knowledge and expertise to provide the very best service to our clients. This gives us the scale and reach to support multiple businesses at the same time.

Our clients trust us and treat us as part of their teams. We have an agile business model that can be adapted to deliver bespoke services. Our clients benefit from and capitalise on the efficiencies and economies of scale and skill that are available as a result of supporting multiple clients concurrently. Our clients are able to exploit close proximity to our teams, and each other, which we believe fosters, facilitates and accelerates collaboration within the industry.

Our Vision


In July 2018 UK Payments Administration Ltd became a wholly owned subsidiary of the new home for UK retail payments, Pay.UK.

Pay.UK takes responsibility for the operation of Bacs Payment Schemes Limited, Faster Payments Scheme Limited, The Cheque & Credit Clearing Company Limited and UK Payments Administration Ltd.

For further information please visit www.wearepay.uk.

Given the importance of our clients work, and our role in supporting them, we are fully ISAE compliant and accredited.