Our Clients

Our clients are market leaders and globally recognised brands. We never lose sight of the importance of the work they do, nor their significance in the critical national infrastructure.

Our highly experienced teams manage concurrent clients and projects assisting with small one-off tasks and large-scale, multi-million pound projects. Whether the requirement is for a fully managed range of services or a bespoke selection, we have the flexibility to adapt to changing needs. We are able to build long lasting customer relationships, trust and confidence.

We pride ourselves on maintaining a consistent quality of service which requires discipline, efficiency, evaluation and an ability to adapt to challenging workloads – something we do on a daily basis.

Our Clients

Client and Industry Project Timeline

Client retention
Industry project
1985 Cheque and Credit Clearing Company
1985 Chaps Co
1985 Cash Services
2003 Dedicated Card and Payment Crime Unit
2003 Bacs
2006 Chip and PIN
2006 LINK
2007 Contactless Cards

Contactless Cards

2007 Swift UK
2007 Payments UK
2008 Faster Payments
2009 The UK Cards Association

Payment Service Regulations

2011 Financial Fraud Action UK
2013 Current Account Switch Service
2014 EBA Clearing
2014 Belfast Bankers' Clearing Company
2014 MPS Co
2015 Payments UK