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Founded in 1985, UK Payments has over 30 years’ experience of successfully supporting a key element of the financial services sector – the payments industry. In the past three decades we have helped support game changing projects to deliver world leading innovation, including Faster Payments, Chip and PIN, Paym, and the Current Account Switch Service.


New Payment System Operator takes on responsibility for the Bacs and Faster Payments systems.

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Our Story

For three decades we’ve continued to support a broad range of clients, guiding them through some of the most important changes in the payments industry.

What We Do

We provide a comprehensive range of core support services and each of our teams has a broad and deep understanding of the payments and finance industry.

Our Vision

Our vision of The Hub is as an outstanding environment in which to safely and effectively collaborate on industry issues and to resiliently deliver industry solutions.

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Our Clients

“Its exceptional to work with a service partner with so much knowledge and experience of UK payments who recognises the impact that their collaborative approach brings to delivering our long term goals.”

Client Director

“We greatly appreciate the support of the UK Payments team. Not only are they highly professional people, but they are easy to work with too, engaging and insightful and with an appreciation of what is important to their clients.”

Client CEO

“It’s when you have an incident that you really appreciate the value of having a supplier as accessible, aligned and motivated as UK Payments. UK Payments are collaborative, they listen, they adapt and they go the extra mile with a genuine desire to do the right thing for our business.”

Client CEO

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